Available Approvals, Fleet Auto Bodies Ltd

Since the introduction of Whole Vehicle Type Approval we have made huge investments to ensure we can offer our bodywork across a wide spectrum of manufacturers.

Much of this investment is driven by demand for our products on certain chassis and there are a small number of chassis manufacturers which we offer the approval through 3rd party, or through the IVA option.


Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) is the designated UK Vehicle Type Approval authority and has approximately over 30 years experience.

VCA supports industry by providing internationally recognised testing and certification for vehicles, their systems and components.

Fleet Auto Bodies Ltd have worked closely with the VCA to achieve the Conformity of Production and through this have successfully gained N1 and N2 approvals across 14 different chassis Types, makes and models.

VCA Approved Manufacturers

Three Approval Routes

  • ECWVTA – European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval
  • NSSTA – National Small Series Type Approval
  • IVA – Individual Vehicle Approval

3rd Party Approved Manufacturers