The Euro is our lightweight all steel tipper body.

This includes single skin steel dropside doors, steel headboard and floor.


This is our steel body with aluminium doors. This is one of our most popular conversions.

Due to the steel body it is robust and durable but the lighter weight aluminium doors help to save on weight to increase the payload.


The highway tipper is a heavy duty body constructed from steel.

The steel construction would suit heavier types of industry, and is popular with the construction industry.

The highway body is more than likely to survive the cycle of the chassis it is built on.

The highway tipper can be manufactured with single or double sided doors, with a tail board that is top and bottom hung.

The tail board has a provision of a tow ball protection plate.

Manufactured with steel Zintec flooring, with a heavy duty steel headboard.

Tipping action is through a multi stage tipping ram operated by electro hydraulic power pack.

Our sub frames are completely rust proofed through the galvanising process.

The highway tipper can be adapted to the asphalt industry with the introduction of an insulation process sandwiched between the steel panels. Our tailboards have the option of 3 delivery chutes.

The highway tipper is robust enough to cope with any industry.

All Aluminum

The all Aluminum tipper body is our light weight body and most popular with our customers.

This has aluminium dropside doors, headboard and aluminium planked floor. All other steel components come in galvanised finish.

It is not as durable as our platinum but if you are conscious of weight and payload this could be the option for you.

Caged/Mesh Sides

We can provide full cages or mesh sides and barn doors to any of our tipper range and we can also retro fit our cages to factory bodies.

These can be made from steel or aluminium depending on the customers needs and requirements.

Our cages come in galvanised finish with the added option of painting.